Free Event: ‘Absent Father, Angry Father’ Discussion

Live & free event for Facebook
Saturday May 12th & June 9th 10am-12 pm

‘Absent Father, Angry Father’ focuses on boys who were raised without fathers and healing the psychological issues it can create.

Vast amounts of research and many horrific statistics tell us that boys raised without fathers are more likely to drop out of school, more likely to develop addiction problems and more likely to be incarcerated. Much of the psycho-analytic literature implies that the quality of the attachment is linked to maladaptive patterns or disturbances.

What is the good news? Well, w
e have created a free space for people to be heard.

In this workshop we will have a rare opportunity to explore the legacy of ‘absent father, angry father’ on our psyche, and ways in which a better understanding and processing can illuminate both our internal process and raise hope.

We will use this confidential space to bring a deeper understanding of our fatherless childhood; whether it is through abuse, rejection, or anger. We will explore how we embody violence, addiction, fault, toxic shame and anger. And how this keeps us from fully functioning and being fully integrated and intimate in our lives. Most importantly we will develop a compassionate way forward around this important issue.

Rules for participation :
      1. Facebook is an public open space. Please be mindful of what you say.
      2. This is not a therapy group but we simply come together to share thoughts or ideas around the issues of faithlessness.
      3. Please be respectful of how you use this limited space and what you do with peoples’ disclosures.
      4. Please take care of how you use your own information and disclosures.
      5. You must be over 16 to join the discussion.

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