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What is MNPC?

Mindfulness is a very powerful tool for creating peace, prosperity and hope for our communities.

MNPC is designed to foster seeds of liberation through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about connection, healing and listening

Our aims:

1. Creating a BAME network

2. Promoting and signing posting BAME mindfulness events.

3. Creating and promoting research and a digital library.

4. Supporting BAME mindfulness students to join the uk mindfulness network.

5. Promoting Buddhist events for people of colour.
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What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness meditation was developed from one of the oldest traditions in India over 2,500 years ago. It has been westernized by Universities into an 8 week program, MBSR & MBCT, to treat depression relapse and stress. It is evolving into schools, the workplace, and in many beneficial strands to enhance human potential and create positive social change.

Mindfulness helps to restore the body and mind through slowing down and pausing, and recognizing and working with difficult emotions, pain, and discomfort. There is also a growing concern that clinical applications of mindfulness may restrict service users by affordability, accessibility or lack of cultural familiarity.

The Mindfulness Network for People of Colour aims to provide training in cultural competency with the existing infrasture but also to create opportunities of training for BAME groups and individuals or groups who wish to benefit from MBI, mindfulness based interventions. Often because diversity and inclusion schemes leave out those populations affected the most.


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London - Putney

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Getting In Touch

If you'd like to find out more about MNPC, or any of our events, please use our Contact Page. We'd love to hear from you!

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